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Book Automation Suite: For more efficiency and maximum quality even for minimal editions

The Book Automation Suite is OneVision's comprehensive software solution for book publishers. The solution is based on a workflow management system that matches your own production environment while your processes run completely automatically.

Benefit from higher productivity thanks to more automation of time-consuming manual work, especially with regards to books on demand. Automated quality control and optimization of print files are combined with special tools for book printers like split and merge functionality or automatic impositioning.

OneVision's Book Automation Suite is the perfect interplay between your high-speed printing presses and software. Improve your press utilization even for minimal editions and benefit from significant saving potentials in terms of processing times, flexibility and reprints.

Save time, stay flexible and benefit by increased quality with OneVision's Book Automation Suite

Videos: how to ensure a smooth and error-free book printing process

Watch our videos and see how to automatically calculate the spine, add bleed and impose your books correctly.

The Book Automation Suite offers:

Icon Book Automation Suite
  • A workflow management system that enables you to run your production steps completely automatically, to keep your workflow flexible
  • Fully automatic quality control of print data during prepress and subsequent optimization of print data including preflight, converting of complex pages into images, flattening transparencies, file normalization, etc. for error-free, print-ready files and trouble-free printing
  • Split and merge: content pages and cover pages are split automatically in 1C / 4C in order to apply the respective color management
  • Automatic impositioning: automated selection and adjustment of templates according to file format (incl. barcodes)
  • Automated calculation of spine thickness for optimum further processing
  • Trim pages to cutting dies or crop marks
  • PDF editor: edit PDF files completely at any time
  • Integrate the Book Automation Suite with your MIS

Book Automation Suite: Overview features and functions

OneVision's Book Format Automation Suite offers the following features:

Function IncludedOptional
Workflow Management Solution:
job tickets, metadata based workflows, drag and drop workflow editor
Prepress solution:
preflight, color management, flattening transparencies, creation of printmarks, normalization
Add missing bleed automatically
Automated impositioning
File delivery and approval
PDF editor: edit PDF files completely at any time
Variable Data Printing (VDP)
Automatic detection and filtering of undesired expressions
Spot color manager
Detect and delete crop marks

How the Book Automation System works

  • Workflow Manager: Easy integration using either hot folders and/or MIS using job ticketing. Straightforward UI where workflow process can be created as you need them – simple drag and drop. Real time tracking of jobs. Assembly lines can be structured into individual phases in order to maintain a clear overview of the individual assembly lines.
  • Split and Merge: Automatic split of content- and coverpages in CMYK and black and white, for a different processing regarding color management.

  • Auto-Prepress: Identifying files that interfere with production – costing you money – is still a challenge. OneVision has all the relevant tools in place to identify any issue, to auto-repair typical errors, to color manage the files to the output profile you need, to reliably flatten transparencies, to normalize files (= files are output according to your specific print requirement and compliant to ISO standards ensuring the compatibility with all other hardware and software you might use).
  • Automated impositioning: Automatic selection / adaption of imposition templates in line with the given page format incl. barcodes and text information

Technical highlights at your book printing prepress stage

Embed recurring images only once

If multiple identical images are embedded in a file, all occurrences can now be identified. Instead of embedding these images, "Reference XObject" elements are created
Thus reducing file size

Flatten Transparencies: Removes transparency from a PDF-file

Image flatten transparencies

With Flatten Transparencies:

Recalculation and restructuring of elements
Original appearance of image remains
Ideal file optimization for printing

Benefits with flatten transparencies
Shorter RIP times due to
• Less complex files
• Less data volume as invisible elements are removed
Errorless printing
No occurrence of color issues during the RIP

Preflight: Detailed analysis on file quality

Asura module Preflight

With Preflight:

Preflight report: All file errors are visualized as an extra file
More than 130 different errors can be discovered automatically
File issues are identified right away -> for immediate repairing
Preflight results are used for workflow control

AutoImpose: Automatic sheet shortening

Automatic sheet shortening

Automatic sheet shortening:

For web printing
Shortens imposition schemes to “remainder sheets”
Works for sheet section length and the web width
Avoids blank sheet parts to be printed
Reduces waste

Perfect Bleed Generation

Wide Format Automation Suite - Generate Bleed

The software checks the print file along the trim box or any other trim line. The necessary trim is intelligently generated automatically by pixel mirroring or pixel stretching.

missing bleed is added automatically
no manual intervention in the print file
print files do not have to be requested again
no interference, cutting tolerances in finishing are insignificant

How does Generate Bleed works exactly? »

Cut Spreads: Cuts spreads when they exceed a specific size

Customer file
Spreads are divided automatically
File ready for errorless impositioning

With Cut Spreads:

Customer files can be cut horizontally or vertically
Spreads and pages are divided automatically
Position of cut line is always in the exact center of the page
For errorless impositioning

Place Watermarks: Places a watermark on the files

Image Asura module place watermarks
Image Asura module place watermarks

With Place Watermarks:

Watermarks ensure a secure preview of images and documents as well as the possibility to mark documents e.g. as "confidential"
Marks file for customer approval
Prevents misuse of customer data and images

Production process with OneVision's Book Automation Suite for book publishers:

Production process with the OneVision Book Automation Suite

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